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In love with both each other and the spirituality and beauty of Thailand, my partner, Angela, and I, Dani, two free spirits, ventured on a transformative journey to the heart of this country full of charm and mysticism. As we explored Buddhist temples and immersed ourselves in the serenity of local culture, we became fascinated by the connection between craftsmanship, religious devotion, and the search for inner peace.

During our stay, we met a group of Buddhist monks who practiced the ancient technique of gilding objects as part of their spiritual rituals. Inspired by the skill and dedication of the monks, Angela and I had a clear vision: to merge traditional craftsmanship with our love of fashion and spirituality.

After returning to our country, we decided to materialize our idea and created the brand "Lola Melocoton". We worked closely with Thai monks to bring to life our vision of unique bracelets made of gold leaf, a symbol of prosperity and spiritual connection in Buddhist culture.

Our Lola Melocoton bracelets quickly became a hit, attracting people looking for a combination of elegance, spiritual meaning and authenticity. Each bracelet is carefully handcrafted in Thailand by monks, infusing them with a special energy. Angela and I made sure that a portion of the profits went to support local communities and monasteries in Thailand.

Over time, our brand not only became a symbol of style and spirituality, but also a testament to the connection between two cultures and the power of collaboration between people from different parts of the world. Our story, that of Angela and Dani, along with our brand of gold leaf bracelets, demonstrated that love, creativity and spirituality could converge into something truly beautiful and meaningful.